How is the Right Step to Pick, the Best Personal Trainer?

personal trainerEverybody wants to stay health. In due to there are many diseases come, people need to take extra efforts to keep their body healthy. One of the best ways is by doing exercises. To help them doing the right training and the excellent result, they need personal trainer’s help. However, it is a bit difficult for them to take the right personal trainer today. Therefore, what they should do to get the best personal trainer?

Take Your Time to do the Right Research

Before you decided to put your personal trainer, it would be better for you to do some researches. You need to get the best trainer to get the best result. Therefore, you need to do the deep research. First, you need to decide about your need. Do you prefer to do exercise indoor or out home? If you want to have a personal trainer in the home, then you can search in a local gym, which has a real predicate of its trainers. However, you need to prepare more money to get a private personal trainer in your home than to have them in gyms. You can start to search for its price list in some of the local gyms.

Things You Need to Find in Your Research

While you are doing research, you have to make sure these things. First, it is about the certificate of the trainer. You need to ensure that your personal trainer has a certificate that supports his or her job as a coach. Some of the certificates are:

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA, which confers both CPT certifications and CSCS, or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

The American Council on Exercise (ACE)

The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

However, the most important thing is your personal trainer knows about CPR for the first aid. Although not all personal trainers will have all of its certificates, you can get at least personal trainers with one of its certificates. It will make you believe that your personal trainer’s choice is competent in its field.

The next thing you have to consider in your research is about your motivation. Make sure you will enjoy the exercise until your target goal has reached. It also happened in personal trainer option. You need to collect the evidence of your personal trainer credibility. Not only about its evidence, but there are also needs to find the friendly personal trainer. If you have difficulties during your exercise, you should ask your instructor about it. He or she may have a solution for you because he or she has ever felt the same problem as yours.

The last step to find the right personal trainer is you should take your time. You cannot directly buy something you have not seen before. You should explore and grab your time to get the best personal trainer. Experience is the best concern thing for you before you decided to choose a person as your personal trainer. Try to consistent in your choice to help you reveal your goal. That is why; you need to precise yourself about the personal trainer you have chosen. It is because of you will have a long time with him or her. It requires more commitment to deal with your personal trainer choice.

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Garmin Vivofit Review

exercisePeople tend to be lazy to have such a workout, but maybe there is a little solution when we do not know how to be active without having to visit the gym to get exercise. Exercise is crucial for our body to burn calories and fat. We are all aware that excessive fat can be dangerous. That is why we need to be more active. To have good health, we need to have the right balance between workout and diet. It is useless when we claim that we are healthy by seeing our food diary, but there is no diary relating to exercise. Exercise is not only for weight loss but it tends to help our body to be healthier, fit, and fresher and of course avoiding from stress. Despite there are lots of exercises we can take for daily training but when we don’t have enough time to do it just take many walks. We may not know how many steps we should take to replace exercise, but nowadays there is nothing impossible with technology to assist this thing. One of the recommended gadgets to track such activity is Garmin Vivofit.


Move Bar, in Garmin Vivofit, brings more motivation to the user. There is a red sign in there when there is no activity in an hour and should reset with taking a couple minutes of walks. It is good for those who have a particular program for weight loss. A research told that an activity tracker can be a real motivation to be more active. When people see the number of their result in their wrist gadget, they tend to increase their move to reach higher goals.

Things to consider

Besides there is a particular sign or alert when we are less active, but there is an interesting thing of this Garmin. When the other activity tracker has a usual battery that can only stand in few days or even hours, this one can stand in a year or more. It may sound too good to be true, but a year replaceable battery has been more useful than a rechargeable battery. There is a common problem in the rechargeable battery where there is often sudden death and durability issues. Whereas, the activity tracking now is a universal need for people in urban lives, and that is why the more lives battery will be a good option.

What we will get

Besides the battery and Move Bar feature that becomes an interesting thing on this gadget, there are more specifications we will get from this Garmin Vivofit.

  • Move Bar that can give more motivation when we are less active

  • It has 24/7 availability to wear with a comfortable and stylish wristband.

  • Waterproof quality so we do not need to worry wearing it while we are swimming

  • More lives on battery so we don’t need to change the battery within a year. It has 2 Li-Ion batteries.

  • Assist in achieving daily goals, this gadget will learn our activity so it can tell on how many calories we need to burn or steps we need to take to achieve our goal

  • It can also monitor our sleep so we will know how much time we spent sleeping. It will be good to know whether we have enough sleep since sleep is another important thing to deal with and monitor.

Why should I buy

The reason we should buy this cool gadget is that its affordable price with a unique specification like Move Bar and the battery. The Move Bar will be great to motivate people who have weight loss goals or others. The other good reason to buy this is the battery. Although it is not rechargeable, it will be worth to have a year live off the battery since it can support and avoid us to recharge our activity tracker 2 or three times a week. Data tells that most of rechargeable battery can’t even stay more than six months with average performance. After six months, it usually decreases, and the quality goes worse due to using frequency

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